The Importance

We can't talk about natural wine without talking about farming. Natural wine is organically or biodynamically farmed and truly expressive of the place where it is grown. It's important for us to support growers and wine makers who remain protective of, and tied to, the land on which they farm. Of equal importance is the life of the wine in the cellar. The wines we like to drink (and offer in our shop) are not processed but rather nurtured. The wines are produced with absolutely minimal interventions on the vine, in the cellar and in the bottle. It's not a new way of making wine but the oldest. So, at the end of the day, you can drink something alive and soulful that also offers peace of mind!

The Name

There is a place in France known as Maine-et-Loire. It is home to wines like Muscadet, Anjou and Cheverny and to some of our favorite producers -- folks who make the kind of wines that first got us excited. These producers and their wines are the heart and soul, both aesthetically and romantically, of the shop. They work hard to make wines that are easy to enjoy; wines that have as little pretension as the people who make them. Maine & Loire is a playful nod to two places which are dear to our hearts

Our Story

We have spent the last decade working in restaurants in New York City. After so long in NYC and dining out most meals, we have an appreciation of cooking and eating at home. Portland has access to great produce, terrific grocers, and all the good stuff to build a pantry and eat at home. Wine is, for us, an extension of this ethos. We cherish the good stuff on the table, from the bread to the wine -Orenda & Peter