Public Tastings! Come one, come all
The wines that we love are made by men and women, many of whom are farmers as well as vintners, who work closely with the land. Their wines are rustic, but thoughtfully made, and whether or not the wines are labeled "organic", "biodynamic" or "natural", they come from producers who practice the ethics of limited intervention. They make wine with a light touch. They abstain from chemicals in the field and from over-processing their wines. We invite the community to our tastings to explore these wines and learn about the colorful folks who make them.

Case Discounts
Entertaining? Feel like stocking up? A devotee? We offer 10% off cases, mixed or same! 

Gift Cards
Maine & Loire (Wine Shop) is happy to provide gift cards for any amount. Stop by the store or give us a call.

Return Policy
When dealing with wines with this much personality sometimes you get a bad egg. If you believe a wine is off, return the bottle with the receipt the following day.