Nicolas Joly: Nature's Assistant

"I don't only want a good wine but also a true wine." - Nicolas Joly, 2015

Nicolas Joly's is an inspiring story. After leaving J.P. Morgan in New York in the late 70s he took over his family's wine estate Chateau de la Roche aux Moines, in the Loire. Joly immediately began experimenting with biodynamic farming, and by 1984 the estate's entire output was produced biodynamically. He believes that biodynamics in viticulture speaks to, "a passionate customer that is ever more sensitive to the truth of taste." His pioneering work and passion to share his insight through literature has made Joly a luminary within the biodynamic movement.

"Everything that is alive is composed of frequencies, which harmonize with each other. It is like a note of music, which cannot be weighted, but which is integrated into a global music. Each fruit is a receptacle of a harmonious world, from which life comes." - Nicolas Joly, 2015

Joly is a deep soul, indeed

We currently have Joly's "Les Vieux Clos" 2011 available at our shop, Maine & Loire (Wine Shop) at 63 Washington Ave in Portland.